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waters and to establish order based on law and not force. at the same time, the relationship with china is one of the most important for japan. >> reporter: japan is locked in a territorial dispute with south korea over the takashima islands in the sea of japan. abe sent deputy prime minister taro aso to talk with the president. he sent president mori to russia last week to begin longstanding talks with russia. abe will meet later this year with vladimir putin to discuss the territories which are controlled by russia and claimed by japan. abe and obama agreed to cooperate on another source of concern. they said they'll work through the u.n. secretary council on tougher sanctions in north korea. they have urged leaders in pyongyang to stop the provocation, however, those leaders have already signalled their intentions to defy those warnings. president obama indulged the japan-u.s. alliance the central foundation for allegiance security. abe agreed it worked to their mutual benefit. >>> china's leaders were paying close attention to abe's visit, and they didn't like what they heard. a gov
security clearances. his companion is tai shen kuo, a spy for the people's republic of china. bergersen knew a secret that the chinese desperately wanted to know, and neither man knows that what they're about to do is being recorded by two cameras the fbi has concealed in their car. >> let you have the money. >> oh, oh. are you sure that that's okay? >> yeah, it's fine. >> welcome to 60 minutes on cnbc. i'm bob simon. in this edition, we turn our attention to some foreign intrigue. first, a story about a mysterious computer virus that struck an iranian nuclear plant. later, the report of how american agents hunted a notorious arms dealer. and finally, an account of a chinese-american spy trying to steal u.s. military secrets for china. we begin with the story of stuxnet, a computer virus considered to be the world's first destructive cyberweapon. it was launched several years ago against an iranian nuclear facility, almost certainly with some u.s. involvement. but as steve kroft reported in march of 2012, the implications and possible consequences of this new kind of warfare are now bei
a working together is - the boy tech companies are calling san francisco home. through china s f we have attracted you 15 companies from china. we we're expanding public partnership to china and asia and othe and others companies >> our record 4 four and a half million passengers floosz san francisco airport in 2012 up 8 percent last year with more expected in this year 2013. >> that's why we have to work together for the center and the budgeted committee will be taking up this week and we'll be competing with alaska and others large cities for trade shows. yes. but our economic recovery or our economic progress is not just taking place to mission bay or our own downtown i can see it in our commercial corridors and commissioner kim knows that no where that our neighbors are more deserving to the makts place. not even two years ago we offered a break for our payroll tax for businesses who agents to move in and create more jobs. this area in downtown has resisted growth. the results in two years time have been great. room for 5 thousand seven hundred jobs and behold now we're seeing the
of new stories in the last couple of days in washington and around the country about china and the headlines are often, china has attacked. a big cover story in bloomberg as well. is this policy directed toward china? >> guest: no, it's not directed at anyone specific country. it's really directed at the broad range of threats that we face in cyberspace that stem from any number of frankly domestic and overseas actors. so it's really not targeting any one individual country. >> host: when we see the headlines saying china attacks, what does that mean? who is behind that? >> guest: well, it's hard for me to speculate on what might be behind some of that. i think it's undoubtedly true that we have seen actors that are based in china carry out activities. but we have seen that in multiple countries around the world and the attribution problem continues to be difficult in cyberspace. so i think from the administration's side, we try not to focus as much on those sorts of headlines. we really focus on improving our cybersecurity defenses across-the-board so we can't afford whate
suppliers in china. the fast food chain is addressing a recent scandal in china that revealed an excessive use of antibiotics to fatten chicken. kfc will stop business with 1,000 small suppliers in an effort to rebuild its brand in the eastern nation. sales fell nearly 25% following the scandal. kfc is the largest fast food chain in china. ikea is taking meatballs off the menu. the swedish retailer is the latest victim in the growing crisis of horse meat showing up in beef products in europe. the company has halted sales of its famous frozen meatballs in 14 european countries because tests confirmed the presence of horse dna. about a dozen different countries have now been affected by the crisis that started a month ago in ireland. tech convention mobile world congress continues today in barcelona. the convention proves that there is no lack of innovation or competition in the market right now. hp has announced its new "slate 7" tablet. the device, which hits the market in april, is priced at a modest $169, below the $200-and-above range for tablets from amazon and apple. meanwhile, master
in southern china. four tourists decide and three others were injured. a couple of years earlier a balloon exploded immediately after taking off in the suburbs of vancouver, canada. to people died and 11 others were injured. and in 1995 strong winds forced a hot air balloon into the sea off the coast of new zealand. three of the nine people on board died. >>> italian election officials say no clear front-runner has emerged in national elections. the center-left coalition is projected to win a majority in the lower house of parliaments but results in the upper house were less certain. the country could be headed for political gridlock, raising concerns about the next leader's ability to tackle a number of economic problems. political analysts said the election amounted to a referendum on austerity measures imposed by the current government. officials have counted almost all of the ballots for the lower house. under election laws the political group with the most votes is given enough seats to claim a majority in that chamber. government officials say the center-left coalition captured 29.5%
funciÓn especializada. >>> un robot a largo plazo es mÁs barato que la obra de mano en china. >>> dice que lo que un robot no puede hacer hoy, lo harÁ maÑana. federal express emplea a miles para las cajas. pero ahora se desarrolla un robot que lo puede hacer mÁs rÁpido que un ser humano. >>> se progregÓ en vision y percepciÓn, inteligencia artifical. >>> hasta hace poco se pensaba que trabajos duros pero delicados como cosechar fresas estaban a salvo de mÁquinas. pero los dÍas de muchos labores agrÍcolas estÁn contados. >>> un punto a desarrollar en corto plazo, tareas repetitivas como el zurco. >>> si puÉden o podrÁn hacer casi todo, quÉ depara el futuro, nos ganamos la vida trabajando, o viviremos un ocio forzado en la pobreza, maÑana la respuesta. >>> sÍ, maÑana en la segunda parte, luis explora como sobrevivir al desempleo tecnolÓgico. >>> a qu e equipo tenece usted. al que tiene mÁs dinero de los que tienen ahorrarados. y que gasta mÁs de lo que gana. el 1, 2%, tiene mÁs dinero que debe de lo que gana, la tasa de ahorro familiar es mÁs alta. muchos aprendieron que
, and another subsidy could be sold to china. next, a senator trying to put a stop to all of that. ♪ [ male announcer ] i've seen incredib things. otherworldly things. but there are some things i've never seen before. this ge jet engine can understand 5,000 data samples per second. which is good for business. becau planes use less fuel, spend less time on the ground and more time in the air. suddenly, faraway places don't seem so...far away. ♪ gerri: is taxpayer money about to be driven to china? it may happen if embattled electric car maker is sold to a chinese company making the second taxpayer backed green energy company sold to china in recent months. with more on this, republican senator chuck grassley of iowa. what gives here? why are we allowing this to happen? gerri, very good question. and i think it all goes back to the extent of wood shop. the department of energy is not accountable for what it does and it is not holding where it dishes out taxpayer money accountable. for instance, in the 81 to three corporation, $127 million. in the case of fisker, $200 million. gerri: let's d
to accelerate last week, including newfound weakness in china, the sell everything now call seemed prophetic. especially some who articulated said they were bullish and the sell call felt right. right into the teeth of the ugliness the market continued to soar and it continued into the beautiful opening where the dow was 80 points higher. some 200 points, keep that number in mind above where the sales calls were made last week. it was a much better chance to sell. even though it came and went, it gave you a broad, loud, large opportunity to get higher prices on the go out if you wanted to take some profits and cash out for the moment. that's something i said i can't blame anyone for doing last week. if they're as nervous as some of you said you were in your calls to the show. we got a bunch of them. sure, we gave back everything, but that's not what matters. what matters is that if you truly thought that the market was too high to begin with or you were worried about italy or sequestration or gasoline prices or weakened china, you could have sold stocks at a much better moment had you waited
-breweries. they are requested and i brought a friend that wants to send containers of your beer to china tomorrow. and i said, you have to stand in line. i have 17 countries that want that beer as well. we have a great market. it's not just local san francisco. it's about where we are in our place today. and that anchor and the world series giant and our port of san francisco are on the map. but they are the international hub for everything that happened. and when we make things in san francisco, and this is the real pitch. that we make it for the whole world. we just don't make it for local consumption. whether clothing or confection or food. everyone is asking what do you have made in san francisco. because we want it in china and india and japan and europe, all over the place. because it means quality. it means well-manufactured products. it means people that enjoy their craft and what they do. and it also means a lot of local people get a lot of jobs out of it as well. with this, i will go quickly to the samples. and enjoy the day properly. and if i can be joined by the cameramen and women, i am sure tha
, but we have a stationary boundary start to develop out of china, that will push toward the east. actually through the overnight hours, on tuesday into wednesday. much of the area, 100 millimeters of rainfall, and generally about 30 to 50 millimeters on tap. some of the higher elevations could see 20 centimeters of snow. after it pushes by, it brings in a lot of warm air. temperatures will warm up. tokyo, 13 on wednesday, thursday, up to right around 15 degrees. same in seoul. but see all the area in the blue? that is going to start to invade toward the south. bringing much colder temperatures by the weekend. dropping back into the single digits across much of japan over to northeastern china. we take a look at the americas here, the main topic is this very classic storm system. look at that comma shape, continuing to kick up here, push across the plains into the great lakes. that is going to bring heavy snowfall along the northern periphery, upward of 30 centimeters. anywhere you see in the darker color is really travel delays, heavy snow, bitterly cold windchills. 65 kilometer per hour w
the ministry of tourism that they contacted the relevant embassies, which includes china, japan, hungary, france, and britain, to coordinate the response and how to get the bodies back home. of course, this comes as a huge blow for the egyptian tourist -- tourism industry. one of the main sources of revenue, being one of the last areas of the country where tourists were still going to, given the fact that cairo and surrounding cities are stowe -- are so unstable politically, and also the fact that the sinai is reported to be a difficult area to navigate in various reports of kidnappings there. it comes as a blow to the egyptian economy at a time when it could ill afford an accident like this. >> syria's opposition decided it will after all attend a conference in rome to discuss the future of the country. the change of heart was prompted by the u.s.-u.k. who promised more aid. the coalition previously refused to attend in protest for what it called a world silence over the conflict. the syrian government would not be in wrong but it did say on monday it would negotiate with any group, inc
beautiful places. i am also investing in china sf, by the way. i want some of those companies from across the world to come and fell san francisco, the real san francisco, and make movies for people in china and japan and all over the world -- come to film san francisco. we have some interesting enticements' going on about how we can get them over here. and being the first chinese mayor, i'd better get some chinese filmmaker to come here. [laughter] otherwise, i miserably failed, because i would love san francisco to be shown at 2 1 billion people in china, to show them about our history. because there is a connection there. they need to learn that. there will be a lot. everything from documentary's do -- i think this is exciting. i am letting you know a little bit of my excitement when it comes to films, that i am very interested to make sure we have an enliven film industry here in our city. >> 20 years ago i read an essay about san francisco being an asian city. and it took a long time to elect a nation-american may year. why do you think it took so long -- to elect an asian-american m
tourist. the landeros didn't get a reward, but the owner did promise to show them around china if they visit there. >>> there is a push underway to put a mom in that seat. heather holmes is live now in the city's sunset district to tell us who is applying the mommy pressure. >> reporter: julie, it's a top official with the san francisco democratic party. she drafted this resolution, urging the mayor to select a mother. a woman who may spend lots of time here at the playground, or library, but who can also bring a unique voice. sunset residents will soon be finding out who will be fighting for them. the district for position became available last month, mayor lee selected carmen sue to special reporter. since then there's been a lot of political intrigue over her replacement. she says the appointment could help stop the exodus of families. >> i think that a mother's voice on the board of supervisors would probably lead to more family friendly policies, legislation that would make it easier for families to stay in san francisco. >> reporter: the 11 member board is a diverse group
. this is in china. this is a government official in china, who was unhappy because he missed not one, but two flights. >> uh-huh. >> watch the tantrum that ensued. this is at the check-in counter. rips out the computers. >> what do you mean i can't get on the plane, he says? >> upset that he wasn't let on. >> i like that he takes through the sign. >> if i crash through the door. >> one wonders what it takes to get security to intervene. >> well, because he outranks them, they were afraid of him. there are three guards, you can see them, standing behind the ticker tape thing there. >> they were just waiting for him to tire himself out. >> exactly, like when your kid has a tantrum. >> let him play it out eventually -- >> social media is taken off in china. they're able to capture these guys and now this guy apparently is -- >> former government official. >> well, he was suspended and now facing punishment. >> yeah, yeah. he will be in for -- >> he was traveling with his wife and two kids. they got to see that. >> the wife was just standing there like, honey, calm down. >>> let's get to your tak
a trade balance of almost $30 billion, 29.5. now, for the second year in a row china's our major export destination. remarkable growth there. since 2005 exports to china have been growing by about 20% annually, and so now that they are now our top export market. if you look at what we're sending to china, no surprise, it's dominated by soybeans and cotton. they account, have accounted in recent years as much as three-quarters of total trade to china. but if you look at some of the minor but still quite large other exports for things like coarse grains -- corn, for example -- if you look at feeds and fodders, distilled or dried grains, for example, or red meats, you see that those are showing impressive growth figures as well. in terms of overall exports, values are up for most of the commodity categories. again, these are exports on a fiscal year basis. you can see that up for most of these categories with the one exception being corn, and we'll get into corn. but largely these are price-driven events. we do see volumes up for some categories, but for most of the individual commodity ca
quina reconoce un juguete entre varios otros y en poco tiempo usará esto para trabjaar. >>no hay opcion, china se está automatizando, no hablamos de robots, solamente, la tecnología esta cambiando a los trabajores. >>frente a esta nueva realida,d que nos depara el futuro. >>la respuesta es la educacion, es distinto educar a un sujeto de 15 años, a uno que ha tenido una carrera y tiene 55 años >>estudia robotica, su visión del futuro es más optimista, donde los robots no compiten con los seres humanos, sino que los complementen. >>el cambio creara oportunidad difíciles de imaginar, puede no ser justo, pero es el precio del progreso. >>y así ,frente a una cámara robotizada llegamos al final del noticiero, buenas noches. >>muchas gracias, maría elena, nos despedimos por hoy, feliz noche.
by europe at large or china somehow swallowing up every bit of innovation that exists in the world. they are no longer worried about our economy being overwhelmed beyond our shores. there is very little doubt in any circles about america's ability to be in a position to lead the world in the 21st century. not only in terms of foreign policy, but economically. the american people are ready to get up as a civil-rights leader. the american people are tired of being tired. they're ready to get up and move. we are in a good position to lead the world. that is why i think they're so frustrated by what they see and what they don't see here in washington. their frustration is turning into anger. i found an interesting dynamic. whether it was a democrat or republican governor i heard from several of you how do you deal with this? how do you deal with the congress. no distinction, but how you deal with this? you deal with legislatures that are split. you represent a minority party. you get on very well. the accomplish things in your home state. that is the way it used to work and we can mak
the world whether it's china or brazil, and we have been doing it very very successfully. you're standing in the heart of market territory. liz: you don't have to sell me leo. that's why i would think the deutsche boerse would want to be a part or frankly any exchange for that matter. >> i can't speak for them. we have done extremely well. we are in a strong position the cme group internationally, geographically and organically. yesterday we just launched the first deliverable chinese contract. that's a big event that's historical. and it's indicative of the fact that china was willing for us to do that. they didn't -- we didn't need their okay to do it. but they did acquiesce that we do it which is indicative of the fact that china recognizes they have to open up their borders to international use and international competition, and i think with the next three four five years it is going to happen. >> leo, he invented the early day futures markets. it is great to see you, thank you very much. >> great to be with you always. liz: closing bell ringing in about 47 1/2 minutes. stay tuned. co
their oscars. a new round of nuclear talks get therway between iran and u.s., uk, russia, china, france, and germany. american officials are attending the talks in context on -- inc. akhstan.nded -- in kaz talks likean wants this to put it on the world stage. it wants to be seen as having a lead role, especially when it comes to the control of nuclear weapons. after the collapse of the soviet gave up itshstan nuclear weapons. it wants to play the role of honest broker. it will be hard to make progress. in recent years, there have been several rounds of negotiations. little progress was made. each side comes to the table with strong demands. this group wants more access to nuclear sites for inspection. to uraniumran enrichment at five -- 5%. it is currently up to 20%. they want it to limit stockpiles of enriched uranium. iran wants the west to recognize its right of enrichment and to start to dithch the sanctions. the talks are sure to be difficult. the international community says it is bringing offers which are serious and substantial. upcoming elections to worry about. these negotiati
, san francisco has a great name. you go to china, europe -- i am from san francisco. i love that place. you are from san francisco? what is happening? they will engage you. anything that is made in san francisco will receive the same treatment. high-quality, innovative. very worth it. whatever the price. i am banking on, if we manufacture ceramics, apparel, fashion, chocolates, anything that has a worldwide commodity consumption to it, that brand name of made in san francisco will be very successful. so we are going to invest in companies, whether they are small businesses or neighborhood businesses, to go global with us. we are working with a whole. use technology. they are growing. we have fashion, fashion accessories, jewelry, ceramics. they want to make this high quality, world class stuff in san francisco. they want to sell it to the rest of the world. we will get back to a level of manufacturing we can do. i have housing as a challenge. we're trying to find a replacement for the redevelopment agency. i will close by saying, muni is always on everybody's mind. it is on everybody's
. >>> and banks may soon be able to tap china's lucrative domestic fund market. a dow jones store says china's regulator will be bringing out new rails next month to chinese based fund products. standard chattered and uob have priced in to do so. no foreign lenders have qualified in the past since standards were set extremely high. >>> and a reminder of what's on the agenda tomorrow, it's government day in hong kong. and set out measures to tackle the wealth gap. the territory's fourth quarter gdp will be released and we've got key earnings out of hong kong which include ia insurance, and retailer spree. we've got january sales figures out of japan at 1250 cet. >>> still to come on the show, after moody's recent credit rating downgrades, how can britain get back to work? we'll have a view when we come back. >>> moody's cited lack of growth as the main factor in stripping its aaa rating and growth was very much on the agenda at the launch of the uk's biggest trade promotion since 1951. >> the international business festival in 2014 will be a key part of the government's drive to promote growt
including china are suggesting that they would like to have their north america head quarters here in san francisco and we have five of the larger solar companies here and they are looking at mission bay and thes point to locate some bio-- some clean tech and biotech chem companies and inc., baiters that would start the same thing that we did in mission bay and by-the-way, we also have ideas to create mission bay too if you have not heard about it already to income and work on the foundation of the success of mission bay that is now filling out there rapidly >>> as something that i do not want to put you on the spot about here, san francisco did for the america's cup, the clear message was city taxpayers are not going to get the guardianship and private is going to take care of all of the city's costs which are 30 million and change. it's [inaudible] isn't going to do the job fundraisers do their thing and -- [inaudible] [inaudible] and so if san francisco taxpayers do he wanted up getting suck with the bill for 15 million-dollar or more the intft so huge that -- [inaudible] . >> i s
. >>> in china, crowds gathered near a village to catch a glimpse of a very rare sight. a sleeping wild panda cozied up on a roadside cliff near a national nature reserve. although the area is home to 56 wild pandas, seeing one up close and personal is a real treat here. as people gathered nearby they woke the panda who made a hasty retreat back to the forest. >>> this is one baby you probably don't want bouncing on your knee, a czech zoo welcomed the arrival of a newborn elephant this month. she's the zoo's first new elephant and weighed more than 200 pounds at birth. the calf doesn't have a name quite yet but the zoo plans to have a contest to name her once she makes her public debut. that would be a heavy baby. >>> all the activity at the vatican has given local businesses a boost here. one religious memorabilia store owner said sales have increased as the world awaits the election of a new pope. the papal portraits are apparently the hottest sellers so far. and while pope benedict may be in the spotlight, pope john paul ii merchandise is the favorite among shoppers. he was certainly a fav
tourists from china, japan, britain and france. >>> the search continues for four people who 29 foot sailboat disappeared. the distress call is made by a wife, man, son and cousin before they banned the sinking vessel. >> coast guard, coast guard, we are abandoning ship. >> their electronics were failing. they were fashioning a make-shift raft. they hope it leads to new information to aid in the search. >>> now, here is your first look at scrambled politics. leon panetta is still secretary of defense working from home in california as he waits for chuck hagel to replace him. he has no plans to return to washington. >>> john boehner may be holding to his position to hold new taxes for a personal reason. if boehner caves on that point, he could lose his speakership. >>> a research poll shows strong support for raising the minimum wage to $9. 50% of republicans say they support it along with 87% of democrats. >>> new jersey governor, chris christie may not be feeling the love from conservatives. after his praise of president obama, christie will not be invited to the c-pac convention th
. furniture, curtains, china, linen, other things too. what other things? everything, everything you see is all mine. very well. all these things are yours, but my patent to nobility, my good name, these things at least are still mine. no, not even those. you are not a nobleman. how dare you? if you are to read this letter from the college of heralds, you'll find the family whose name you bear has been extinct for 100 years. i know there have been rumors to that effect. that's true, but i inherited my title from my father. yeah, you're right. it's true i'm not a nobleman. even that is taken from me. i can no longer wear this ring. take it. it belongs to you. good. now let's continue. you're not a colonel either. not a colonel? no, because of your name you were commissioned colonel in the american volunteers, but since the cuban war and the reorganization of the american army, all such commissions have been canceled. is that true? - you'd like to read about it? - no, there is no need. who are you that you claim the right to sit there and strip me like this? you'll, find out. and talking o
it pivot to asia, as a response to the rise of china. >> the implications in europe for just as profound. many feared it was just as much a pivot away from old allies. >> john kerry is saying europe is more important than ever. here's more on the state a transatlantic ties. >> it is a love affair that spans the atlantic -- americans cannot get enough of german cars. sales are surging, exports are rising, and german car makers now operate their own plants in the u.s. like this one in tennessee. then there are political relations. chancellor merkel and president obama are said to be cordial with one another but not close. what there is, though, is in recognition of the need to work together. >> on both sides of the atlanta, there is a realization that we are not as strong as we thought we were. but the u.s. and europe have been weakened by the financial crisis, and that has led to the conclusion that we need to do more to grow stronger together. >> president obama has sought to allay fears among europeans that he couldn't let them in favor of asia. in his recent state of the union address,
into a sugar cane field. the victims include tourists from china, japan, britain and france. >>> the reservation of the highest ranking catholic leader in britain said he will not vote at the upcoming enclave to pick the new pope. scotland's cardinal keith o'brien resigned. the vatican says pope benedict accepts the cardinals's resignation because he's near the age of 75, not because of accusations. >>> today marks the one-year anniversary of the tragic shooting death of 17-year-old trayvon martin. a million hoodie gathering is scheduleded here in new york city. the teen was shot by george zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer. zimmerman has pleaded not guilty. his trial is set to start in june. >>> in california, the search continues this morning for four people whose 29-foot sailboat disappeared off the coast of monterey. the distress call believed to be made by a man with his wife, son and a young cousin before they abandoned the sinking vessel. >> we are ban donning the ship. we are abandoning the ship. >> the voters said their electronics were failing and they were
from france, britain and china. no word on american tiewrtists and -- tourists in the balloon. down load abc2's free app and stay with us on twitter under the har tag gmn. >>> the u.s. supreme court will begin hearing arguments on legality of investigators taking dna samples from those even not convicted of a specific crime. >> the case stems from a 2003 rape and murder conviction of a woman and the conviction of her killer six years later. sherrie johnson is here with more on what's expecteded in court -- expected in court. >> reporter: the case of a salisbury man takes place. alonso king was arrested on assault charges they took his dna which matched the sample from the victim and he was linked to the rape. at issue before the court is the maryland dna collection act. is it constitutional or whether the state says once arrested you lose that privacy right. this is is a law that allows officials to take the dna from those arrested but not convicted of a serious crime. king's lawyers moved to suppress the evidence saying the draw violated his constitutional rights. but the lower cou
're no longer worried, i think about our economy being overwhelmed, either by europe at large, the eu or china somehow swallowing up here bit of innovation that exists in the world and they're no longer, i think, worried about our, our economy being overwelcomed beyond our shores. but, and i don't think there's no, there is he' very little doubt in any circles out there. about america's ability to be in a position to lead the world in the 21st century, not only in terms of our foreign policy, our incredible defense establishment, but economically. >> governor, fewer americans are working, the last quarter the economy just contracted and we've got 50 million americans on food stamps and 6 trillion in new debt. and what alternate university is crazy uncle joe living in here? >> let's just say i wouldn't characterize it the way he said it. the fact of the matter is that most american families have done worse in the obama, quote, recovery than they did during the the recession. and median family income went down $1500 during the the recession itself, and then went down another $2500 during the oba
allies and also, you know, reen force the importance of the relationship of china, so doing the rebalance there made perfect sense. there have been achievements. not only a stable relationship with china, with managing difficult issues, but a significant opening with a country like burma which is not something we expected in 2009. we face -- we confront a different challenge in 2013. obviously, the situation with respect to iran is still uncertain. a lack of progress there with the past four years, although intensified sanctions. a very difficult situation in syria. you know, and the potential -- continued potential as to what to do about, you know, the israeli-palestinian situation which we receive renewed tensions over a death of a prisoner and there. part of what the secretary of state does is he is the face of the obama foreign policy wresh also is out there trying to determine what is possible, what can be achieved, what are the options for the president, and then he carries out, you know, the president's foreign policy. john kerry would be, you know, acting just as hillary clinton d
the greatest success story in the history of the world in terms of pulling people out of poverty it's china. china in the last generation, hundreds of millions of people in the middle class and the foreign aid community has to look at that and ask themselves what they could be doing differently and i think it can work but these giant programs often are not what works and certainly when you start displacing local entrepreneurs and telling local people, we can do this for you better than you can do it for yourself, you set up a culture of dependency and then you snuff out people who are coming up with local solutions to local problems and not really what "the night ranger" is about and it's a thriller but there is that world view, my view of this informs this and i'm not afraid to say that. >> it's my experience in meeting with refugees that foreign aid, a small percentage of donations of foreign aid actually get to the people that need it. i've seen that a lot sold on the black market. >> yes. >> a lot gets redirected to corrupt governments and even if the intentions are good and the ngo del
of speed to the destination whether china pakistan or in this case peru. >>reporter: thieves then get the phone ready to sell. >> they do prosecute there is this he too i to unblock the phone if it was reported stole stolen. try to change the number. do various things to the phone to get it working again then refold in their market. >>reporter: he used the internet skills to locate her blackmailer and home address in lema he posed as buyer on the black market and chatted with edwin. even convinced him to send a photo of amanda phone. >> sent me a screen shot of all the detail information on the phone that actually was her phone. >> armed with information amanda we know to the peru consulate in los angeles. also contacted the u.s. embassy in lima that referred her to the fbi aide. >> there is a warrant they are working on in peru to hopefully arrest this guy but regardless to what happens to this case i'm always going to be scared knowing not someone knows so much about me. >> abc 7 news. >> unbelievable story. >> new at 11:00. internet service providers began cracking down on p
as they get the phone they ship them at high rate of speed to the destination whether china pakistan or in this case peru. >>reporter: thieves then get the phone ready to sell. >> they do prosecute there is this he too i to unblock the phone if it was reported stole stolen. try to change the number. do various things to the phone to get it working again then refold in their market. >>reporter: he used the internet skills to locate her blackmailer and home address in lema he posed as buyer on the black market and chatted with edwin. even convinced him to send a photo of amanda phone. >> sent me a screen shot of all the detail information on the phone that actually was her phone. >> armed with information amanda we know to the peru consulate in los angeles. also contacted the u.s. embassy in lima that referred her to the fbi aide. >> there is a warrant they are working on in peru to hopefully arrest this guy but regardless to what happens to this case i'm always going to be scared knowing not someone knows so much about me. >> abc 7 news. >> unbelievable story. >> new at 11:00.
are part of a tv show. >>> staying in the far east for this one. it happened at an airport in china. one guy took out all of his frustrations on a check-in desk computer. and he kept on going. >> he grabs a sign. he started swinging this thing around. this guy is a high-level government official, who admed a government official, who admed a missed the flight with his family. he has issued an apology. but did it feel good for somebody to let all that out at the airport. we all thought about it. >> oh, yeah. >>> and in kansas city, it's a case of your cup runneth over, way over. >> a homeless panhandler found a pricey diamond ring in his donation cup. a woman had dumped her coin purse in that cup, forgetting her wedding ring was in the purse. when she went to see if the panhandler had it, he gave her the ring. >> and the couple set up a website. total strangers have donated $150,000. ♪ i get a good feeling ♪ yeah ♪ get a feeling that i never, never, never, never had before ♪ ♪ no, no, i get a good feeling ♪ [ female announcer ] all this. hd 8. only on royal cari royal caribbean
how this will affect the global economy. this is dropping 2 and a quarter percent and china and hong kong closed at 1%. checking in on our numbers, they started responding well to the european markets and i did say early on, i was not sure how the markets were coming through but the dow jones industrial average dropped 216 points and right now i am looking at the futures and it looks like a higher opening and we will see how it works out today. >>> it is more than the usual number of layoffs in some departments and the bank usually eliminates the weakest 5 to 7 employees around now. other chief financial officers are laying off and it may be a way to generate a return for their shareholders. >>> mayor ed lee is about to appoint a new supervisor. >>> plus researchers are concerned about the benefits of a certain diet, we will explain. . >> welcome back, we are talking about the two scuba divers who were killed on the monterey coast last week. they were identified from east san jose. the couple was diving when they went missing and according to a website they lived in the ukraine until
in china. he actually is a high-level government official. >> living la vida loca. [ cheers ] >> and all that matters -- >> the horse meat scandal has snared furniture giant ikea. ikea says the meatballs in the states are safe. >> makes you want to stop taking your family to dinner at a furniture store. >> on "cbs this morning." >> mrs. obama give it to the most american movie, "zero dark thirty," wouldn't want to honor the movie that showed the killing of osama bin laden. her husband wants all the credit killing of osama bin laden. her husband wants all the credit for that. captioning funded by cbs >>> welcome to "cbs this morning." for the second time in a week, a giant winter storm is hammering the country. it's marching across missouri on its way to the east coast. it's already shutting down highways, airports, and schools in texas, oklahoma, and kansas. >> now the storm is blamed for at least two deaths. emily rittman from our kansas city affiliate, kctc, is in overland park, kansas. good morning. >> reporter: many people are already digging out of last week's snowstorm where a foot
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